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It’s what we do.


We’re dedicated to helping others.

Giving back is part of the culture at Integricon. Guided by our values of Reliability, Integrity and Care, we have a corporate responsibility to help and support the communities we work and live in. We know we have the power to create positive change, that is why we champion a wide array of foundations and community organizations, all with a fundamental commitment to making the world a better, inclusive and more equitable place.

Committed to our community.

Health & Safety

Integricon is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment.

We are committed to creating, maintaining and promoting a strong safety culture. Keeping everyone safe requires the ability and dedication to not only respond to the continuously changing hazards and risks of a construction site, but to proactively identify potential risks and actively work to eliminate or control them. It is a journey, not a destination.

Health and Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. We recognize that safety starts at the highest levels of management, with every employee responsible and accountable for promoting good safety practices. Our Site Supervisors, Project Coordinators and Project Managers work closely with our trades and vendors to embrace a safety-first mindset both on the construction site and in the workplace. It is the safety of our employees, trades, vendors and clients that is essential in delivering a project on time and the key to our success.

We are continuously leveraging innovative technologies and investing in key personnel to lead and grow our safety initiatives. Creating and maintaining safe workplaces is the responsibility of everyone at Integricon. Our success depends on it.


Leveraging technology to strengthen our safety culture

Contractor Check

Creating a safer workplace for all, by reducing risk and maintaining compliance

Health & Safety Committee

Driving accountability every day, by every employee

Training & Awareness

Educating our employees, trades and clients on proper health & safety practices

COR Certification Candidate

Committing to the highest national standards in health & safety

Dedicated In-House Personnel

Investing in subject matter experts to develop and implement our health & safety program

Numbers to Prove It

Zero lost time injuries in 2017, 2018 & 2020
+ 0 yrs
Over 30 years of experience in the industry
0 %
All employees are 100% committed to creating a strong safety culture

Working to be a meaningful contributor in sustainable development.

We have a social responsibility to do right by our clients and our community. The decisions we make today will have lasting and meaningful impacts well into the future, which is why we have integrated sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.  From our fuel-efficient fleet management program to our investment in water conservation technology, we strive to reduce our environmental impact to improve the footprint of our operations. Our initiatives demonstrate Integricon’s commitment to the environment and our innovative approach to sustainable property restoration and construction.
Educating our employees on sustainable building practices
Waste reduction
Waste reduction
Reducing construction waste as much
as possible through good project management
Buying local
Conducting sustainable purchasing by working with local vendors
Investing in a strategic business unit dedicated to providing environmental solutions for our clients
Leveraging technology to accelerate the transition to paperless systems
Investing in and partnering with
sustainable and environmentally conscious companies like Connected Sensors

Our People

At Integricon, our people are our most precious asset

We empower our employees and provide them with the tools they need to make the best decisions for their personal & professional lives.
We empower our employees and provide them with the tools they need to make the best decisions for their personal & professional lives.
Vincent Germanese

Continuing Education & Training

Developing subject matter expertise

We encourage and offer all our employees with the opportunity to enroll in continuing education courses to assist them in their career development. From blue print reading and infectious control to mental health and wellness training in the workplace, our focus is clear: to ensure that all our employees have the resources to thrive and reach their maximum potential!

Our specialized leadership and training programs enable us to achieve the same
consistent performance and client experience across all our market segments and

It’s the key to our success!

Individual Development Plans

Building your career

We pride ourselves on providing our employees with access to resources and unique opportunities to support their career development. Our Individual Development Plans (IDP) are an example of our commitment to putting our people first. It is a platform for employees to express and share their challenges, obstacles, triumphs and successes with the senior leadership team and their direct supervisor in a one-on-one setting. We want our employees to reach their full potential and love what they do. Through the IDP process, employees work closely with management to map out their career goals and together determine the best path forward. Integricon succeeds when our people succeed. It’s a win win!


Creating the next generation of leaders

Mentoring the next generation is important to us.

To help guide and prepare the leaders of tomorrow, we have created in-house classroom
style seminars. The seminars are extended to all Integricon employees, vendors, insurance
partners and clients, and provide a unique opportunity for brainstorming, problem solving
and transfer of knowledge. The classes are hosted both virtually and in-person and
foster an innovative and collaborative learning environment. Attendees can share their experiences, learn important lessons and build each other up for success.

Steve Whittick

Steve Whittick – Lead Instructor, Industry Veteran and Senior Project Manager at Integricon

Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating your unique abilities

At Integricon, we celebrate and appreciate everything that makes you authentically unique. We are committed to building a culture that fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness, with a goal of creating an environment where our employees feel heard, valued, empowered and respected. Our ability to deliver high performing results and build meaningful partnerships is driven by and dependent on the diverse backgrounds, skills, talents and experiences of our employees. We believe that a culture focused on diversity and inclusion fuels creativity, sparks innovation and promotes collaboration. By creating a diverse workplace to reflect the diverse communities we work and live in, we are breaking down barriers and transforming the industry.