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Your first call in an emergency. 24/7
Commercial 1-800-210-7004
Residential 1-888-876-5766

William Osler Health System Foundation

Integricon was a Bronze Sponsor at the 24th Annual Osler Open: Etobicoke Invitational. With the help and support of donors, community members and sponsors like Integricon, more than $220,000 was raised for Etobicoke General Hospital. The funds raised from the Osler Open went toward the purchase of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and life-saving equipment like ventilators, vital sign monitors and electric beds. This event was held during a time where we needed to rally together more than ever to support our health and medical community. Integricon, specifically our Integricon Healthcare team, were honoured to support Osler’s Healthcare Heroes through William Osler Health System Foundation, and all the frontline and essential workers who are keeping our communities safe.

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