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Your first call in an emergency. 24/7
Commercial 1-800-210-7004
Residential 1-888-876-5766

Hamilton Health Sciences

Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and manage donor gifts for the purpose of supporting outstanding clinical care and research for the communities served by Hamilton Health Sciences. Including our contributions as a Reception Sponsor at the 2020 Reel Rhapsody Gala, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation raised more than $450,000 towards funding ground breaking research projects. Projects focused into the causes, treatments and cures for illnesses and disease that impact the lives of so many. Recognized as one of the top research hospitals in Canada, Hamilton Health Sciences is focused on discoveries and improving health care for the Hamilton community and south central Ontario. They believe that IT’S VITAL TO CARE and with Caring being one of Integricon’s core values, we couldn’t agree more.

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