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Hamilton Plaza Hotel

A pipe burst which originated in the boiler system, started leaking water to the lobby which then spread to the hotel restaurant. To avoid business interruption, all work was performed after hours while the hotel remained operational.

Services completed:

  • Set-up containments
  • Set-up emergency equipment
  • Water extraction
  • Demolition
  • Mould abatement completed as per the EACO Mould Abatement Guidelines
  • Drywall, painting
  • Installed custom cabinetry & wall paper
  • Replaced flooring
  • Used negative pressure when working in the kitchen areas so that the kitchen did not have to close
  • Installed temporary heating to prevent hotel from closing

Client: The Effort Trust Company

Location: 150 King Street East, Hamilton

Scope of Work: Emergency Mitigation, Water Extraction, Mould Abatement, Containments, Demolition, Rebuild

Value: $800,000