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At Integricon we understand the needs of a business owner, we are business owners too!
The response time and actions taken immediately after a loss has occurred is critical in assisting the full recovery of your business and your revenues.

Our staff of commercial and restoration professionals and our large loss specialists receive regular training to handle property damage caused by fire, water, storm, or other perils. We are equipped with the latest tools and technology.

We will respond to your clients in a timely manner, assess the extent of all damage, clean up the debris and provide the repairs needed to get your business back to normal.

At Integricon we pride ourselves in understanding that is our responsibility and role to minimize your Business Interruption.


In Suite Renovations

Our team at Integricon understands the unique demographics of your facility in providing rest bed care and short/long term residence services.
When a suite comes available for renovation, contact our specialized team and Integricon will provide you with a turn-key solution.
Integricon provides complete and seamless renovations to meet your requirements such as painting, drywall, flooring, plumbing and full bathroom transition for wheel chair access. Integricon will ensure project controls to provide IPAC protocols as used in hospitals and care-giving facilities.
This will provide you peace of mind that all dust and infection controls will be followed during renovations.
Integricon can also provide you with renovation solutions to update all common areas so that your facility appeals to present and potential new residents.


Hazardous Materials Remediation – C.R.A.S.H.

At Integricon we have implemented a Critical Response Abatement Solutions Hazmat Team to deal with emergency hazardous Material and toxic contamination situations.



Our team at Integricon utilizes new age technology to identify different types of mould and the extent of the mould problem so that we can quickly respond to each unique situation.

In addition, our air quality professionals will create a restoration plan for your home or business.



Our Integricon Asbestos and Hazmat team include certified technicians who accurately identify and safely remove and dispose of asbestos that has the potential to go airborne.



At Integricon we routinely handle the removal and disposal of PCB contaminated soil and materials. We ensure that the affected equipment is properly extracted and sealed in government regulated drums and shipped to a registered storage facility to await destruction.


Soils and Ground Water Remediation

At Integricon we have the expertise and equipment needed to help evaluate the contamination through a comprehensive environmental site assessment to achieve our client objective. The historical use of the site, the materials used and produced on site will guide the assessment strategy and type of sampling and chemical analysis required.

At Integricon we understand that every environmental project is unique and work to build and execute an effective remediation plan with solutions based on the types of contaminants, soil characteristics and the objective. Our team also provides emergency response (CRASH) and remediation of brownfields.


Oil and Water Don’t Mix

We take pride and care in all aspects when handling every claim. Each job is not a jobsite but rather an invite onto someone’s precious property and each property comes with its own unique circumstances. This particular job in Muskoka was no different.

The insured noticed that they did not have any fuel at their cottage even though the fuel company had been out to fill up their tank. The first thing we saw was the ground around the tank was saturated with oil. We did a forensic audit and found out that there were enzymes in the tank eating away at the base of the tank which had caused it to rust out. The main concern we had was the fact that this cottage is located on the top of sloped land which ends at the lake. The fear was the oil travelling and landing up in the lake. Vince Germanese, who oversees our Environmental business unit, came up with a methodology which was approved by the engineers. A route was mapped out to set up a road to service the oil tank, a dyke was set up around the property to guarantee that the contaminated soil does not wind up in the lake. We also set up test pitting areas for the engineer teams to go in and test the bedrock to see how far down the oil had penetrated. Steam was injected to remove the oil. We found that 600-900 litres of oil leached into the ground.

A big thank you to Vince, Saulo and Chris for working hard to mitigate the situation and returning this area to a safe area for the insured and the rest of the community to enjoy.


Congress Cres, Hamilton

In late 2018, CityHousing discovered the water-damaged ceilings contained asbestos & needed to be replaced to protect tenants’ health. In order to cause the least amount of disruption to the tenants, the decision was made to use the 10th floor as a “hotel” while the asbestos was being removed from the floors below. Integricon anticipates this job to be complete by 2022. The scope of work involves packing content, fogging, moving the contents to a storage area, setting up containments, moving the people into a unit on the 10th floor, moving the tenant back as their original unit was free of asbestos. The construction aspect of the job is not the most difficult aspect, the building houses a lot of unique people with different wants and needs.

Once Covid- 19 entered the picture, another wrench was thrown into an already very mentally draining job. Saulo, one of our project managers along with Taras, the project coordinators for the site and their team stepped up to the plate and took this daunting task on with a positive attitude making the experience as pleasant as possible for the tenants. Saulo and Taras are another example of our core values, taking Responsibility, acting with Integrity and above all Caring