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Scotiabank Mould Abatement

Integricon performed a Type II Mould Abatement. All scope of work was completed while occupants remained in the building.

Services performed:

  • Type II Mould Abatement set-up as per EACO Mould Abatement Guidelines
  • HEPA Vacuum used on all hard surfaces of affected areas: kitchen, washroom & mop sink room
  • All hard surfaces were disinfected, sanitized and cleaned using an approved anti-microbial disinfectant
  • All mould was removed from work zone
  • Impacted drywall and flooring were removed
  • Concrete floor was treated with an application of anti-mould growth disinfectant
  • All debris & waste removed from site

Client: Scotiabank

Location: 960 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto

Scope of Work: Type II Mould Abatement

Value: $9,637